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Pool Pump - Swimpro® Series (Single Speed Pump)

Pool Pump - Swimpro® Series (Single Speed Pump)

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Product Brand: Hayward

Reliable performance and quiet operation. The latest Hayward Pump in a wide range. This small pump is ideal for small pools, above- ground pools, solar heating and narrow technical rooms.

  • Equipped with exceptionally robust motors of a German design. 
  • Impervious to chemical and saline corrosion, their reinforced resin injected casing withstands all treatments including electrolysis. 

Choose the equipment that suit your needs. The SwimPro Pump come in four (4) model variants with the product specifications listed below:

SWP1205 : Hayward SwimPro Pump 1/2hp, 48 GPM at 26 feet of head

SWP1207 : Hayward SwimPro Pump 3/4hp, 57 GPM at 26 feet of head

SWP1210 : Hayward SwimPro Pump 1.0hp, 66 GPM at 26 feet of head

SWP1215 : Hayward SwimPro Pump 1.5hp, 76 GPM at 26 feet of head

 Budget Friendly Choice 

Store Tip: Make sure your pool pump size is right for you.

Before purchasing, review the minimum and maximum flow rate (uses metric gallons per minute ~ GPM) of the pump model and compare it to your pool volume requirement and pool filter capacity.

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