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Filter Media - Dicalite D.E. Filter Powder 50lbs Bag (D.E. Filter)

Filter Media - Dicalite D.E. Filter Powder 50lbs Bag (D.E. Filter)

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Product Brand: Dicalite

Dicalite’s industry-leading Swimming Pool Filter Powder is classified as Flux-Calcined Diatomaceous Earth which provides the highest flow rates with the best possible clarity. So, if algae, amoeba, bacteria or other foreign matter are plaguing your pools, this product can help keep your pool water sparkling and drinking pure.

Diatomaceous earth swimming pool filters using Dicalite Swim Pool filter aid can remove particles up to 10 times smaller (3-5um) than what a typical sand filter will remove (25-40um) because of its higher permeabilities.

  • Weight: 50lbs or 22.7kg
  • Component: Diatomite/Flux calcined DE
  • Physical Forms: Dry Powder
  • Color: White
  • Specific Gravity: 2.3
  • Chemical Name: Silica
  • Median Particle Dia. Microns: 8.52-41-03.25
  • pH (10% slurry): 9-10.5
  • Free Moisture: <0.2

Compatible with D.E. Filter Types

Choose the filter media that suit your needs. We currently carry one (1) brand for this filter media type ( Diatomaceous Earth) with the product specification listed below:

DESWIMPOOL : Dicalite SWIMPOOL Grade Flow Rate Darcies: 20-3.6

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