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About Us


HYDROCON Inc. was created to serve as a specialized construction company not only for structural design of swimming pools and water features but also for supply of swimming pool equipment and cleaning chemicals products from its trusted brands like Hayward and Pentair Pool Products.  
The Company launched its sales operations in 2015 with the help of family members from CL Follosco Group of Companies, Pacific Waves Pool and Spa Builders and Au&Pine Company for equipment and retail. While construction operations launched a year after in 2016 with the help of friends investing in construction equipment and labor operations for construction projects.


The Company started as a past time research project about water dynamics and water sanitation by Civil Engineers Leo Lizardo and Levin Lizardo.
Specializing in water resource management and construction technology management respectively, the brothers integrated their specialized field of Civil Engineering and began designing civil structures for swimming pools and water features while working for construction companies.